MSG Roy Benavidez speech 1991

MSG Roy Benavidez speech 1991

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February 16, 2023
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**For those who are having trouble understanding, this speech was given, as the title suggests, in 1991. While it is true that Reagan was not president in 1991, that portion of the video is simply the citation and presentation of the MOH to MSG Benavidez which was played to introduce him to the stage prior to the speech.
Notice a few things that should help clarify:

During the citation, the setting is outside. During the speech, it is inside.

During the citation, MSG Benavidez is wearing his full Class A uniform including his beret. During the speech, he is downgraded to a Class B uniform (no jacket) and is not wearing his beret.

During the citation, President Regan is present. During the speech, he is not.

The reason for all of these massive and obvious differences is that the speech was not given in 1981 when Regan was president. It was, again and exactly as stated in the title, given a decade later. In 1991.


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Title: MSG Roy Benavidez speech 1991
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